Presidents Message

As you know, I have a passion for IFMA – both as an international organization and certainly for our Southeast Michigan Chapter. The organization continually reinforces my investment in time and energy through quality offerings such as World Workplace and Facility Fusion; globally recognized standards in credentialing; and, the opportunity to network with my peers on a myriad of topics.  Many of the professional relationships that have been forged the result of membership within this group have made the transition to life-long friends – something I hold in high regard and can only hope fellow members can experience as well….

I’m quite happy to note our Chapter is in excellent shape with every component on an uptick.

Of note, in the last year the Chapter has delivered consistent, quality programs that touch a variety of FM-relevant topics and venues. Chapter Secretary and Programs Chair, Vicky Barrer and the balance of the Programs Committee are to be recognized and commended for their effects.  The Committee has filled the balance of the year with programs; by the way, annual Chapter favorites lie on the horizon in the form of the annual golf outing in July, annual Detroit River cruise in August and, of course, the annual Holiday party in December.

Through the guidance of Chapter Treasurer and Golf Committee Chair, Robert Beuter, our Chapter’s finances continue to be rock solid. Cash reserves are sufficient to allow continuing operations in the face of economic downturn as well as potentially allow the Chapter to be even more philanthropic and supportive of membership in the near future. 

Helping to augment both the chapter finances as well as promote quality service-related resources for our membership, I am pleased to note that Professional Affairs Chair, Angelo Torcolacci has delivered the highest number of corporate sponsors in recent years.

For quite some time, the Chapter operated without a full complement of committee chairs – lacking both a membership and communications chair. Obligations, both personal and professional, especially during an economic upturn, have limited our pool of volunteers.  Within the last few months both positions have been filled.  I very happy to note that Marc Cygan has stepped forward and volunteered his time to serve as Membership Chair.  I’m quite happy to note that Marc brings incredible energy and out of the box thinking to the position as well as the Chapter and am pleased to have him as a valuable contributor and Membership Chair.

Similarly, Chris Mancus has volunteered his time to serve as Communications Chair. In this capacity, we hope to have a much larger exposure within the regional and national reporting community.  Too, I expect Chris to keep me on top of my game through contribution of, minimally, a quarterly update and perspective of our Chapter.

Perhaps comparable to our nation’s leadership – the expectation of a Vice President is one of support and quite competence. The sentiment strikes close to home as I am thankful to have Henry Werner as our Chapter Vice President.  With the recent inclusion of Communications and Membership input Henry and the balance of our leadership team has recently completed the arduous process of revising its strategic plan.  All aspects of Chapter offerings were reviewed during this process and I am personally optimistic the time and effort put forth will provide a very solid framework from which to guide the Chapter for the future.

Supporting all our Chapter leadership is Chapter Administrator, Leslie Cullon whose energy and very hard work make all of us look like champions – this is especially true with the golf outing and holiday party.

We have a great deal to look forward to in this next year. Membership is expanding and includes experts in Healthcare, Communications, Financial Institutions and Insurance organizations to name a few…. The chapter is fiscally sound and is expected to remain so for quite some time through prudent decision making as well as the continued support of membership and sponsorship. We have a fresh perspective on meeting the needs of our members through communication, education, scholarship and peer networking and let’s not forget the simply fum affairs associated with the golf outing, river cruise and holiday party.

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